Sunday, 15 January 2012

And so it begins...

Come with me now on a journey through time and space………well okay maybe not quite a journey that exciting but come with me anyway and perhaps one day we'll make it to some distant planet. To a world populated with big elbowed aliens. Big elbowed aliens who can use their big elbows to all link together as one once a year for their own odd version of Auld Lang Syne (hands up anyone who actually knows any of the words to this drab excuse of a celebratory song? (Knowing the title does not count, people)). It really should be dropped by now shouldn’t it? It’s more of a national embarrassment than a part of our heritage. If indeed it is classed as part of our heritage then I think this is in need of a drastic rethink.

Anyway, I digress which is something you’ll have to get used to I’m afraid. I registered on twitter (where you’ll find much more digressing going on) a little over two months ago and I now feel completely hooked on this particular social network so much so that if it were taken away from me suddenly, my withdrawal symptoms would be unbearable. I'd always imagined the actual style of twitter would never suit me. I thought it was for those who were ceaselessly connected to the internet via an umbilical chord that was never severed in the form of a wireless router or smart phone. How wrong was I? Or perhaps I have become one of those people myself as I open my tired eyes in the morning wondering where my phone is so I can check through the night’s tweets. I find it almost mesmerising which is perhaps a little sad but I'm at a loss as to how else I can describe it. I've had some interesting and truly wonderful people start following me before I've even followed them. I don't believe it's a case of an ego boost with regards this but more of an 'OMG people must actually find me just a little bit interesting.' For some people anyway. Then there are the spam bots which I have to say are getting rather irritating. Although I did have one this evening that I clicked on just to check the 'person' and tweets. I was not expecting to be faced with detailed information on the most common of vaginal infections.

The need to tweet is infectious and I do have to hold back on just continually updating the multitude of thoughts that collide through my mind or I imagine my followers would start to dwindle, drastically. How long before our brains are interfaced with computers via the use of say, some microchip through which whatever we want to tweet can be instantly fed through to our account? Granted it will be some newer more highly developed social network by this time but with the same intent.

The help one can get from followers was demonstrated early on for me when I stated how in light of the New Year blues I was feeling the need to consider 2012 holiday destinations, citing Norway as somewhere I've always wanted to go. Lo and behold one of my followers replied advising tips of how to get there, what to do and where to stay. Needless to say these tips from someone who has been there and knows what they're talking about is invaluable. Tips I would never have received had it not been for twitter. Thank you goes to @michaelwailes.

I’ve also been introduced to the kindle app that was available for my smart phone thanks to being interested in the book of one author and another who mentioned the actual app. This is a book that everyone should read. Download it now. Do it today or your life will be worthless! (The Squirrel That Dreamt of Madness by Craig Stone) I’ll post a review once I’ve finished reading it and then you’ll see. Through that I’ve been followed and in turn follow a number of other e-book authors so my Amazon kindle wish list is growing at a phenomenal rate even before owning an actual e-book reader, my phone aside. Reviews and mentions will follow as they will for other books of note and interest.

And the sheer amount of new music I'm being introduced to. I thought my list of artists and bands I need to check out, buy albums and find gigs for was long but now I've actually had to start a whole new list. My desktop is covered in post it notes so much so they're in danger of totally obscuring the lovely background of Henry Cavill as the new Superman (which reminds me I had a dream last night in which I was actually Superman). Being into live music and particularly indie/rock bands and singer songwriters I’m overwhelmed with the number of new artists I’m now trying to work through. Before this I was getting worried at how many gigs I wanted to attend this year but twitter has almost doubled this already.

I urgently need some kind of cash injection to afford it all. Oh and time. I drastically require more time in which to do all these things. A towering and ever growing mountain of books (now with added e-books too) to read, two long lists of music to check out, a list almost as long of gigs to check and buy tickets for not to mention the novel I started writing last November. This was for National Novel Writing Month and it requires a lot of work before being anywhere near okay but at least after six years of thinking, planning and writing about it I’ve actually made a proper start from some kind of beginning to the story.

Okay, enough with the rambling I hear you say. I’ll get to work first of all by running through a quick overview of gigs I attended in 2011. This will follow shortly.

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