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Well this is the fourth one and still going strong. Now with added play via the new international independent internet (gosh so many i words there) radio station Acoustic Spectrum. Huge thanks go to Neil King of Fatea magazine and all involved with this fantastic new international radio station helping with all things indie! Make sure you check out New Music Connection too which is a growing resource and community seeking to help support independent music talent from the word go. I could not do the scheme/programme/community justice here so check it out for yourself because it is a truly amazing idea that is on the move here. I will most likely do a little bit of a write up about it at some point in the future.

I'm in the process of re-recording edited versions of the first two podcasts for airplay so at the least all those bands and artists that featured in those will get some airplay and I'll be ahead with getting the podcasts completed and out there. I honestly wish I had more time to get them sorted but I will be putting together one every week which will be played at 7PM (BST) every Thursday on Acoustic Spectrum so make sure you tune in and also check out what else the station has to offer because it broadcasts 24/7. Time restraints will prevent me from publishing them that regularly so I encourage you to sample future episodes via Acoustic Spectrum first.
As usual there has been a slight alteration to the playlist compared with what I envisaged would be included but the three missed out will most certainly be featuring in the coming episodes. You can count on it.

The Playlist:
  1. Intro - Everybody Looks Famous
  2. Falling Lights - Everybody Looks Famous
  3. Alone - Falling Faster
  4. Missing Out, Moving On - Jody Has a Hitlist
  5. Chapters - Whitemoor
  6. Anomaly - Silverbox
  7. Follow Me Down - The Slow Readers Club
  8. If I Had a Boat - James Vincent McMorrow
  9. Song of Sisyphus - Nick Burbridge & Tim Cotterell
  10. Mortal Longing - Sleepthief featuring Jody Quine

Please check out Taking Hayley who are asking for support and assistance in getting their debut album, Tricks and Games released on time after coming up against some unfortunate incidents. They are a four piece rock band from my dear hometown of Birmingham and started out in November 2010. They have been building themselves up a reputation through their gigs and have a couple of really cool videos online.

They've put a lot of hard work into setting a release date for this album, saving money like crazy, which let's face it can be hard enough at the best of times, in order to get it out ahead of their UK headline tour in September. The current situation means there may be a potential set back in releasing the record and so they're calling on the good folk of...well...the world, I guess - this is what the internet is good for. Getting promotion and exposure to as widespread audience as possible.

Check out their page at PLEDGE MUSIC >> here << where you can offer your support so they may be in with a chance of getting the album out on time as planned. There is a whole host of great merchandise and other options available at varying prices to suit all affordability scales. It isn't all about them either as a percentage of ALL money pledged is going directly to the Children With Cancer charity. So there you go, you'd be helping this well-deserving band out massively but also donating to a very worthy cause in the process. Bonus points all round! Get pledging if you can.

Remember I mentioned about Birmingham based band Falling Faster have a string of gigs coming up next month when they hit the road supporting That Sunday Feeling. Please make sure if they're your kind of thing that you get yourself and your friends along to one of the gigs in your area. It would been a huge amount to the bands involved and help them continue making such great tunes.

CD Central.

A bumper delivery of CDs arrived for me last week which has kept me incredibly busy. Aside from the review of Duke Special's Oh Poineer I posted on Monday (the day of its release), my ears were also listening lots to the banging tunes of Lightfire thanks to their three track EP (which I urge you to buy for just £1 >>here<<) and the fantastic debut album from The Dreaming Spires, Brothers in Brooklyn.

That's not all either as I received a promo copy of the forthcoming third album from Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman, Hidden People which after attending one of their gigs in February I have been waiting in anticipation for ever since. Check out my review of that gig here on the blog. My love for Kathryn and Sean's music demonstrates the more folky roots I like from time to time and this album has been years in the making. Well, sort of as they have been bringing up their twins as well as Sean keeping incredibly busy as a prolific guitarist repeatedly playing in the band that accompanies brother Seth on his tours, and well sought after music producer. I'll write a full review but there are some proper moving songs on Hidden People so why not check out a few samples below. Experiencing both Huldra and The Ballad of Andy Jacobs played live is pretty much beyond words but this recorded version of Huldra is simply put, out of this world!!

Actors That Sing.

Being a good actor certainly doesn't mean being a good singer but two I've been following over the last few months have made that leap into music with promising success. Iwan Rheon aka Simon from the smash hit BAFTA award-winning E4 TV show Misfits has gradually been releasing some beautiful acoustic tracks via Soundcloud and up on his Facebook page. He's incredibly talented having starred in a musical, films, TV and now with added music to the mix. His voice offers a really delicate yet raw sound to his accompanying guitar.

Also make sure you check out Mr Billie Piper and ITV show Lewis' Hathaway, Laurence Fox. I stumbled across the first song he posted up on Facebook via his Twitter page. Gunfight is astounding and just the one tune boded well for his output although those which followed are pretty damn good. There are a few songs still up on his Soundcloud page but on the day of writing this I did read a Tweet informing his followers that he will be removing these at some point soon in order to record them properly. Boding very well then Mr Fox.

Fatea Showcases:

You need to be getting yourself over to this website to check out the Fatea Showcase Sessions. As you'll read there, the sessions are intended to provide greater exposure to the artists that have impressed the Fatea team. It's a really great concept that I draw from myself with this podcast. Those bands and artists that have impressed me or whose music, quite simply I'm enjoying at present or more longstanding, I will feature and talk about.

What's great about the showcase sessions though, is they are exclusively available for a three month period after which they will never be available again. You can download the current sessions via a ZIP file which contains high quality music files. Available at present (until 31st July 2012) is Tracks - Summer 12 packed with 18 stonkingly beautiful tunes for your free listening pleasure.

At no cost to yourself why wouldn't you check them out and discover something new and golden you may not have known existed beforehand? This is in line with another primary aim of my podcast too. To bring new music to people as well as the people/fans to the bands and artists. Of course you must remember that while free to you the music herein has been created at a cost to the artists in terms of their time, effort, money and creativity. So, if you check these out and you enjoy one or two (or more) do visit their own websites, follow up on their gigs and purchase yourself an album/EP (or more).

Again, as with my own podcast, the tracks featured in these sessions span different genres which makes for a more eclectic mix for you to enjoy and will thus cater for wider tastes as opposed to any one in particular.

Get your FREE download of TRACKS by clicking >>> HERE <<< now!

There are some blisteringly fantastic songs to enjoy so get listening to it and find your next favourite. One of my favourites so far has been Michael MacLennan who I believe has real star quality demonstrated in this one song, Wolves.


Rainy Boy Sleep who featured in Band of Badgers Present #2 has been working on his new EP and asking him about a release date recently, he's mentioned it could possibly, hopefully be out towards the end of July. Very excited about this from a magnificent performer so keep your ears to attention for it and if you haven't checked out his music yet...what the heck do you think you're playing at? Get to it before I have to set Poppy Cat on you. Sample it below then head to iTunes to grab yourself a bargain!

Well to wrap things up for this one then I'll just mention how incredibly excited I am about the imminent Editors gig, which is next Wednesday 27th June up in Birmingham. Not since 2009 have I been able to catch them and following the slight change in line-up I'm hoping we get to hear some new tunes from the guys in anticipation of a fourth album. Full report to come in due course.

As always thanks to Mark Blasco at podcastthemes for the intro theme tune. The song Drop of Rain by Mark will be featuring next time.

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