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Back on the blog post (blogcast) for Band of Badgers Presents #7 I featured a little piece about a forthcoming gig celebrating thirty years since the release of Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen. That gig is fast approaching, taking place at The Slaughtered Lamb in London this coming Sunday (30th September). I would move a mountain to be there myself but I'm afraid I've not eaten quite enough spinach. As I mentioned before it is chiefly due to the lack of decent and cost effective transport we have to suffer in the UK but also due to work commitments. There have been tears and even more so with the amazing videos that have been going up on the Clubhouse Records Facebook page. These are below for your enjoyment, being recorded sessions of the artists involved in the venture.
Danny George Wilson // Case Hardin // Jack Day // Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou // The Redlands Palomino Company // The Dreaming Spires // The Hi & Lo // The Cedars // The Arlenes // Mad Staring Eyes and more....

01 - What a sensational a capella version of the title track. Just watch these two sing in perfect harmony. Amazing!

From Tristan Tipping at Clubhouse Records:

The Nebraska Sessions - A Tribute

Back in 1982 Bruce Springsteen released 'Nebraska', a collection of sparsely recorded tracks originally intended to be demos for his sixth studio album.

02 - Wow. You may or may not know I'm a huge fan of The Dreaming Spires already but they knocked me off the sofa when I first watched this a few days ago. Great stuff. I wonder if they'll be singing Atlantic City at their gigs in November. Hope so.

Almost exactly 30 years later the UK's Clubhouse Records gathered a group of musicians together at The Betsey Trotwood pub in London to pay tribute to this fantastic album.

Throughout the course of a single day, 10 bands recorded the albums 10 tracks live straight to 4 track cassette tape just like The Boss did back in the day.

03 - The WOW factor continues apace with this stunningly beautiful, country version of Mansion on the Hill.

The sessions were filmed for posterity and collected together here for your enjoyment.

Acts involved on the day include; Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou, The Dreaming Spires, Danny George Wilson, The Cedars, Case Hardin, The Redlands Palomino Company, The Hi and Lo, Mad Staring Eyes, The Arlenes and Michele Stodart.

04 - An astounding version of Johnny 99 from Case Hardin that will get those legs, hips and shoulders a-movin'. This is Americana, heart and soul!

Audio produced, recorded & mixed by Trevor Moss. Video direction, lighting, camera and edit by Pierre Thiebaut, and the project is accompanied with a set of beautifully taken stills by Martin Tyler. 

Plans to release the tracks as an album for digital download are now underway.... (Clubhouse Records).

05 - Danny proves he is still very much the champion with his version  of Highway Patrolman. With backing assistance from Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou.

I, for one, am excited about this album getting a release even if only as a digital download. The Boss is such a highly regarded figure among so many in the music business today. Quite rightly so, as he's carved out his successful career being a legendary song writer and hugely talented musician. He is the reason many follow their heart's desire into the industry themselves, even if they have a long hard road ahead of them.

06 - Steve Pulford of The Arlenes is a State Trooper indeed playing out this track.
The Nebraska Sessions is a genius idea and the calibre of the musicians involved here demonstrates the level of star quality there is out there these days. I am going to enjoy these videos from the sessions now and if you don't see me for a while I may well be recovering in hospital following almost drowning in my own tears at not being able to attend this very special gig on Sunday.

07 - What better way to leave you wanting more than The Cedars' wonderful rendition of Used Cars?

All the videos can be found on the Clubhouse Records YouTube channel >>here<<.
The final three videos from The Hi and Lo, Mad Staring Eyes and Michele Stodart will be released via You Tube and shared on the Clubhouse Records Facebook page over the next 48 hours. I will add these as they go live. Please share what you like and make sure you shout out about how much you will be wanting a copy of this fantastic tribute album. A big well done goes to all those people involved in producing this. Have a great night on Sunday!

Update: Saturday 29th September:

As promised the final few videos are coming in. Please enjoy and share them all.

08 - Mad Staring Eyes provide something amazingly original with their rendition of Open All Night.

09 - WOW. I have been well and truly wowed by all of the videos in the Nebraska Sessions but there's something really special about The Hi & Lo's MyFather's House. Amazing!!

10 - Finishing the Nebraska Sessions off in fantastic style is Michele Stodart with Reason to Believe.

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