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Howdy ho folks! Yes that is what Mr Hankey the Christmas poo doth sayeth but let's not go to the gutter just yet. We have a whole post to go for that. Well, not exactly. Or rather a bit of a yes and no. A contradiction - that just about sums me up proper. What I mean is this is a post that could not wait. It's spontaneous. Not exactly random as I have so much music and music news queued up to share and some of it really needs sharing ASAP. So I figured why not add this to the vast mountainous pile I already have backed up so far I can't even see out the windows of the flat? And here it is. And I'm still waffling on. It is finally time to see if I can do it. A bite-sized Band of Badgers Presents. As the name suggests and my time available is pretty much zero, there will be as little waffle from me as possible. I just need to share this stuff with y'all. Let's get cracking then!!

A band I've featured on the blog in some capacity before when they released the first single Follow Me I'm, Right Behind You. This was taken from their excellent album They May Put Land Between Us, which was also one of my top albums of 2012. I needed to share the news regards their May/June tour that is happening and as it is now mid-May I thought waiting until next week (with me being away at the wonderful Wood Festival this coming weekend) would be eating into that live date schedule. So, please see the dates for this below and ensure you have a jolly good reason for not getting to a show if the band are playing near you because you will have an amazing time. Also for your enjoyment is the latest video from Joyce The Librarian for the opening track on the album, Traps. Traps is out on Folkwit Records on 1st June as a download only.

Way to go getting on the bill of the How The Light Gets In Festival. I've had my eye on that particular event for years now but never been able to go. Live music just cannot be beaten. As a huge fan of it and music in general, yes I am biased. But it is like Katriona Gilmore said at the Gilmore & Roberts gig I went to last October, live music really needs supporting right now and it makes for such a better night than slobbing in front of the TV watching half-arsed reality rubbish. Alright, I added that last bit but it is true. I'm all for slobbing about in front of the TV at times and have nothing against that. While there's music to go see though, that couch is staying lonely.

With 11.3 million views on YouTube already I'm well aware this video needs no promotional assistance and it has done the rounds by now that most of you will likely have seen it already. The Bowie fan in me just couldn't not share it here, though. It is fantastic stuff. An amazing production and reworking of the classic, Space Oddity.

This song from Bowie, in particular has a special place in my heart and soul. Commander Chris Hadfield has done a remarkable job reworking it here.

Well, voting clicks is more apt, I guess. I shared this video for the beautiful Mountains In Hurricanes a few posts ago and it is back here again. While watching it when I voted for Josh Savage to play as support for Gabrielle Aplin at her Bournemouth O2 gig, I found myself HAVING to watch again immediately afterwards. Then last night as I checked the link to Tweet about it again I watched it about four times. The song is just sublime. Please hit this link >>HERE<< and follow the instructions to vote for Josh to win the competition.

Josh has been working hard and performing a number of intimate gigs over the last couple of weeks. Please enjoy the above video but I do warn you to set aside some time to enjoy it on repeat. Then please please please visit this link right >>HERE<< and vote for Josh to win. He is in second place at the moment but needs your support to get right on top! Your assistance is much appreciated.

To further demonstrate why Josh deserves to win the Gabrielle Aplin support competition you should check out and enjoy his most recent video for the new song Horoscopes, above.

I saw a Tweet from Jess Hall about her playing at Wood Festival on Friday. With having such little free time with everything I've got on I've not been able to check out all the acts on the line-up like I would usually. Just to put the feelers out, if you will please pardon the horrid expression. Anywho, I hadn't got a minute to spare but as she'd shown up on my musical radar during the day I checked out some of her tunes on Soundcloud.

Stunned! Speechless! The first song melted my ears with bliss. Bookshelves moved me. Jess' voice is phenomenally strong and beautiful. I am one lucky chappy to be getting to see her play live this Friday. Excited doesn't even come close.

Yes, I did feature Tell Me from the excellent Aidan Logan a couple of posts ago when he put the single up to stream for your listening pleasure. You can read what I wrote about it by clicking >>here<<. I wanted to follow that up now it has been released (14th May) by diverting you to where you can purchase it. 

It is available via Bandcamp by clicking on the above, of course. It is also available via iTunes and for which you just need to do a nice little click >>here<<.

It was thanks to a comment on a post by superb roots singer-songwriter Luke Jackson I saw that Nic Bennett was himself a musician. In the 'just in' category comes this stunning original song from Nic, Long Time Blues.

WOW indeed! This is great stuff and there are a number of other hugely impressive songs his Soundcloud page you need to be checking out. Now please folks. There will be much more from Nic in future posts I can assure you. In the meantime make sure you check out the FREE download he's offering via his bandcamp page below. This Is 6th Form Poetry (Not Keats Or Yeats) really is something.

You can stream this stunning, epic and melodic return from The Dodos below. Confidence is the first single taken from their forthcoming album Carrier which is out on 27th August on Polyvinyl. There's a big international flavour as it gets releases in Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan and Thailand. The formats the release will come in are rather interesting too because as well as the standard CD and digital outlets, it is being produced on LP (180 gram blue vinyl) and cassette (100 limited edition white cassettes).

Confidence is a superb track to be released from the new (and fifth) record and acts as one rather delicious taster for what's in store. The single gets a digital release on May 21st so you can own it then. I will likely cover more on the release of Carrier in the coming weeks. 
My thanks to James at Prescription PR for this.

Watching this Official video for her song Liesel it is easy to see why Sabiyha has already been played on Tom Robinson's BBC 6 Music show. Indie Music News say of her, ' to cleanse the soul..' I agree wholeheartedly, which is why I just had to share this here on this brief post. There will most definitely, without any doubt of any kind, be more from Sabiyha on the blog in one of the next few posts. Of that I can assure you. I will also be playing one of her songs on the podcast.

The sound is wonderful isn't it? There are more stunning tunes up on her Soundcloud page, which you can get to by clicking on the below. Yes. Space and time are short on this post but I simply could not resist sharing Sabiyha's beautiful cover of House Of The Rising Sun.

Like I say, I will be featuring more about Sabiyha very soon, including something special from The Old Vinyl Factory.
Thanks to Patrick at Sweet Luigi for this.

Okay folks, I thought I'd be able to add some more this morning but, ah, what am I saying it is now already afternoon and I have to get off on the road to Oxfordshire for the wonderful Wood Festival. I am simultaneously finishing off podcast #14 too. So I can get it up on my Soundcloud page and its main home on PodOmatic. This is multitasking! So, without further adieu as Justin Waylon Morgan said in a Tweet earlier this week I'm signing off but not before sharing some more great music below. All music with none of my waffleage. Peace all!


Big thanks to Mercia Events for sharing this and thus it coming my way. Great stuff. More news from Mercia Events coming VERY SOON!



Ooh, look at me go with the fancy Latin words. I am just fresh back from the wonderful Wood Festival so I'll be busy working hard on my full review as well as the mountain of other stuff on the 'to do and get done' list this week. It was an amazing event. A real treat of an experience. More on that soon though or else you know me, I'll end up getting into a preview of the review and extend this post by several long (even if interesting and informative) paragraphs.

I just wanted to chiefly embed Band of Badgers Presents...#14 in via my Soundcloud page. For anyone who wants a listen. I'm getting this up on PodOmatic now too and will try and get the full blogcast sorted this week too. Busy busy bumblebee. Ah, bees. The car park at Wood was next to the abode of rather a lot of bees and walking up to the car at one point on Saturday afternoon to see a massive swarm was rather enchanting. The sound as well. It was a magnificent experience. Anywho, more soon.

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