Friday, 30 March 2012

Chasing the Dream

Work-Life Balance

Yesterday morning I woke up at the usual time of about 07:00 tired and bleary eyed but so much more joyful about the day ahead. You guessed it, annual leave from work was the reason for this strange yet very welcome difference.

I gleefully imagine this is what life would be like were I to be working for myself and from home. A typical day might run a bit like:

07:00 - Wake up - Morning cup of tea followed by breakfast. Read book, news or magazine.

08:00 - Daily ablutions commence followed by another cup of tea or coffee.

08:30 - Work out! Either a run, some weights or a combination.

09:30 - Bath or shower.

10:00 - Begin morning of work.

13:30 - Break for lunch - half hour if staying at home. Perhaps up to 90 minutes if popping into town for a lunch meeting (work related or personal) and a coffee.

14:00 - Begin afternoon of work.

17:00 - Prepare evening meal but continue working if things still to do.

18:00 - Eat dinner.

The remainder of the evening is one's own although naturally having such a relaxed and fulfilled day means if there is still a little work to be done, no bother, one will feel happy to get on it. In fact at such a nice pace of life even if there were still a lot of work to be done after dinner which ate into one's evening now and then I think one would still be inclined to just get on with it.

I think this kind of schedule is the key to removing unnecessary stress and resentment from our lives. It certainly takes into account that all important 'work-life balance' people are always harping on about. If this balance is so important why has it not been cascaded to all corners of the working world yet? With currently spending nine hours or more out at work in jobs that make us struggle to believe we're anything but robots and getting a paltry twenty days annual leave (for most workplaces) how can this be considered anything other than a very poor 'work-life balance'?

I guess rather than complain I should get working my ass off on coming up with an idea I can put into practice to make this so. In the meantime I will enjoy my annual leave by actually living life and not having to perform any robotic type tasks. Even successfully administering the cat's medication twice daily makes life more interesting.

Normal Service Will Resume Shortly

Reviews are coming, I promise. I'm just finalising one for the Seth Lakeman gig last Saturday. The Cyndi Lauper one will also be ready very soon.

Band of Badgers Presents... Episode #1 The Pilot really is almost complete. I am however still the same perfectionist I was last week but thankfully with the time I now have not being at work I can get it ready for publication. After a mini trip to Brighton and Eastbourne of course. It's all recorded and the tracks lined up accordingly. I just have to make sure the bits featuring me rambling on sound just right.

One thing is for sure, I will be getting a better microphone. Granted I only bought the one I did for practice and playing purposes. Little did I know I'd get so into it and enjoy it as much as I have done (as long as it can take to edit) I'd want to continue doing it in a very semi-serious way.

Last night was the Noah and the Whale gig which I'll also review in due course. They were amazing though I will say that much.

Tonight is Shearwater in Brighton as I've mentioned which makes three gigs in six days. Why can't life be like this all the time?

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