Wednesday, 7 March 2012

COMING SOON: Band of Badgers Presents...

Please excuse me for not having uploaded a new post so far this week but I am currently working on putting together a podcast. This is taking up most of my free time at present as I'm getting the tracks together, requesting permissions from the bands and artists I'd like to involve as well as learning how to actually record the thing.

Saying I'm excited would be a big understatement. I just hope I can pull this off and do the music proud. Ah! So if I do a good job and get a good level of hits helping to promote some really fantastic music I think deserves more exposure I believe I will be ready to talk to Heather.

I will be able to sing aloud in full force (and in my very best Heather Small impression (which I don't think is that great but, you know, points for effort)), 'What have you done today, to make you feel proud?'

I've missed that at work. Oh Sabina, hurry up and return from your travels down under as we are long overdue a Heather incident. 

I'm digressing aren't I? Apologies. Back to the podcast.

I am writing an article for the website Graduate Game on how to record a podcast so I thought why not jump right in and record my own. I won't deny that when I was younger I may have pretended I was a radio presenter. Playing tracks from my various cassettes at the time (only huge sums of money will get me to divulge what bands or artists this involved – it was the very early 90’s) and just rambling youthful nonsense I can't imagine it was much cop. But it was just for fun. I was a child. It was one of those things to do.

As you may have already got the impression I'm a big fan of music. My interests are quite varied even if I have particular soft spots (or shouldn't this be I have large spots? I have huge spots...regressing to the teenage years I think. Not a big pimple....ooh...pimple...what a word that is, pimple, pimples) for rock, alternative and indie. 

With the volume of new bands and artists I'm still being introduced to via Twitter in addition to coming across them via the other ways I'm used to, I thought it would be cool to use the medium of a podcast to play some of this music.

So, Band of Badgers Presents... will be my opportunity to play a set list of tracks from some of these artists and bands in the hope I can aid in the promotion and exposure for them (if nobody downloads it this will slap me in the face so seriously hard I will have permanent black eyes. This will not be a good look. There's no way I can afford to keep buying the make up to disguise permanent black eyes. Jeez, how do you ladies (note: non-sexist question here, I’m just generally curious) afford to keep yourselves in this stuff? Saying that, there are plenty of gay men, even plenty of straight men who spend a fortune on their cosmetics so I extend this query to all of you? Answers on a postcard please....but don't phone it's just for fun and unfortunately I don't have a premium rate phone line you can call to line my pockets. Perhaps I should enlist the help of ITV for that one? Unless it’s still a sore point? I really do go for it on these asides sometimes....STOP!).

Band of Badgers Presents...The Pilot episode will hopefully be up and available sometime next week. This is subject to a number of things not least the fact I've never done anything like this before. 

I'd like to take this opportunity (but I will do so again countless times) to thank the bands and artists who have already given permission for me to play their music and who have provided words of support and encouragement. I really hope I can do you [Heather Small voice please] proud!

Under A Banner        
Angel Kelly     
Gypsy Fire    

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