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Band of Badgers Presents #2


Episode 2: Back For More

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I Divide the Sky as it Burns Red over The Dead Famous as written on Page 44 but First Things First there'll be Dreaming Spires as the Rainy Boy Sleeps atop the Winter Mountain proving there's only One Cure For Man, Under a Banner.

So, here I am again but this time with the second episode of my music podcast. Episode 1 went very well and is getting some plays so I'm quite happy with it so far. I have so much more music yet to play as well as much more from all those who kindly featured in the pilot podcast.

Gigantic universe-sized thanks to them all and for everyone who has checked it out so far. I've already got an almost completed playlist for episode 3 which I'll hopefully have out in about two to three weeks (unless you'd like to offer me some money to quit my job and do this full time in which case I'd be able to speed up the turnaround considerably). I thought I'd have this one up online sooner than now but time just doesn't hold up does it? That's a whole other discussion for another post (or 12) so I won't even start getting into my lifelong fascination with time right now.

Okay so I was unable to follow through on my promise of using a better microphone this time round but this is on the 'to do' list, flagged in red and underlined several times. Oh, it's in bold too! I must therefore apologise for the slight sound distortion at times but thankfully this is only during the bits I'm waffling on about stuff so you know what to do! That's right, just hit that fast forward button/option. You might need to get that replaced after just these first two episodes. Or take out some insurance exclusively for that button.

Putting this playlist together was just as much fun as the previous one and features the following:
  1. Introduction - I Divide
  2. The Arrival - I Divide
  3. Paralysed Lullabies - Sky Burns Red
  4. Superstar - The Dead Famous
  5. Answers - Page 44
  6. Let the Good Times Roll, Kid - First Things First
  7. Not Every Song From the Sixties is a Classic - The Dreaming Spires
  8. I'm Leaving Home - Dan Donnelly
  9. Shopping Centre Song - Rainy Boy Sleep
  10. Sarah - Winter Mountain
  11. Digits Point - Howard James Kenny
  12. Blackbirds - One Cure For Man
  13. Another Time - Under a Banner 
The Levellers release their new album, Static on the Airwaves 25/06. You can pre-order this via a number of websites but if you do so by 07/06 at the Proper Music website your copy will be signed.

Please do check out Tweep Nation, the podcast run by Dionne and Amber who I mentioned because they really will have you rolling around the floor laughing your arse off.

Also, a book to add to your reading list, especially if fantasy is a genre you enjoy or like to dip into, is Dionne Lister's recently released debut novel Shadows of the Realm .

I also recommend you check out the line up for this year's Truck Festival because there are some fantastic acts on the bill. I'm a fool for not having a ticket yet but that is also on the 'to do' list. This is right at the top, at the sides and the bottom just so I don't miss it. It also has huge arrows pointing inwards to it and a little note by the side saying I will be severely beaten with very smelly wet fish if I fail to get a ticket and it sells out. I'm on it. I promise. I really don't want to miss this!

The Dreaming Spires I've seen and feature in this episode with their brand new single.

British Sea Power I saw at Beautiful Days Festival a few years ago as I did with US band The Low Anthem who appeared there last year. One of their songs featured one of the guys using a saw as an instrument. Yes, an actual saw as in sawing a plank of wood saw. Like your dad on a Sunday afternoon. 'It's time to just go and saw a plank of wood in half!' (Eddie Izzard) It was different but nevertheless it was musical!

Villagers and Frightened Rabbit I first saw play on Later with Jools Holland and I've been enjoying Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Mystery Jets for a number of years already. Not 100% sure I've heard any of the others but I need to have a closer look.

The Last Republic I played and championed in episode 1! Fantastic band so to miss out on them when playing so near and with all the other great music on offer I'd need my head examining wouldn't I?

I guess I'll be seeing you there then?

If you have any queries or need more details or links with regards any of the bands featured in the podcast or mentioned here please don't hesitate to contact me at or via Twitter (relevant buttons below).

Coming up in episode 3 then I should have the following:

The Scholars
Sam Beeton
Nick Burbridge
Good Friend
The Epstein
T J Courtney

In addition to a very special musical guest track in the style of David Bowie so make sure you subscribe and tune in for that!

Until then, peace to all of you!

As always thanks to Mark Blasco at for the intro and outro theme.

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