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PRESS RELEASE: The Young’uns – When Our Grandfather’s Said No

Right, moving swiftly on from the last podcast then. Although, actually no let's not move on too swiftly, I wouldn't want to cause any motion sickness now. If you haven't had yourself a listen yet then check it out via the sexy little menu to your right. Technically it is on the left of the screen but as you should all be facing your monitors or laptop screens then it will be to your right. Oh let's not get too pedantic. It can be a little fun at times of course but we just dooonae have the time at present. 'It's life, Jim..but not as we know it!' Jeez, you can see it gets a bit loud in my head sometimes. All this music helps. 

The chief reason for this quick post is another fantabulous press release from my friends over at Prescription PR. If I'd have managed to get Band of Badgers Presents #7 out a little earlier I would probably have been able to write up a Wob's Wednesday Waffle #2 but alas that will now have to wait until next week. Something to look forward to for you all. What will I find to rant about next time round? Oh there is plenty of stuff, believe me. I will try and maintain a degree of restraint, for the most part. Last time I had planned to include more music which is why I ended up packing so much into the blogcast that accompanied that last podcast. I believe that was the longest one so far. I'm not apologising although given time is such a bitch to us all (well, to most of us - yes I'm pointing the finger at you lazy student. No, that is a lie. I'm just jealous you are students because it was part of the best time of my life to be fair but I'm digressing so let's not visit my past. Not just yet anyway), I will try and keep future blogcasts a little shorter than that. There was just so much to get packed in to be fair and it still so much out.

I am rectifying the situation briefly by a big mention for Cannock-based band, Lightfire. These guys are a 5 piece progressive rock band and as they're from my very own neck of the woods up in the Midlands (UK) I want them to get signed up! I have only heard the three tunes they have up at their website and which I have included below for you to check out. These three are enough to demonstrate the huge talent they have. I am repeating myself there as I'm pretty sure I wrote the same when I featured their song Through You in podcast #5. It feels like much longer ago I played them but then time is just a weirdo.

Anyway, their music gets me going. It pushes all the right buttons with just the right amount of heavy without being too much. Not that too much heavy is necessarily a bad thing. Bring on too much heavy I say. I have little doubt Lightfire have it in them and their gigs will be amazing!! I like this kind of heavy though. It's melodic and tuneful. You can show your support for the mighty Lightfire by visiting their store >>here<<. Last day of the month tomorrow means it is payday for most of us so why not treat yourself to a little merch and if nothing else parting with just 1 little tiny of your English pounds will buy you these three delicious tracks. Do it!

It is fairly late notice but the guys are headlining a gig at The Flapper in Birmingham City Centre tomorrow. Read about the details right >>here<< AND do get along to support them. Especially if you are a local music fan. If I still lived near my home city I would be there for sure. This is where having that TARDIS would so come in handy. I will be catching them live soon. I will make it so and arrange a visit up to coincide with a future gig. It is actually a crime I have not yet been to a gig at The Flapper. Again, I am working on rectifying these dire situations.


On to the Press Release then, which takes us across the deep and wide musical ocean to a totally different continent. To one with no less talent however as we beach the boat upon beautiful white sand shores and traverse the diverse landscapes up into Folksville. If you are a regular reader (and/or listener to the podcast) you will know how much I love great vocal harmonies, and this traditional folk band trio have some perfect ones to admire. What I've enjoyed personally about When Our Grandfather's Said No is that although it is very much steeped in traditional, it sounds fresh and contemporary nonetheless. This gives the album a great feel and one that should endear fans of wider genres of music to their work.

With a producer as skilled as Megson's Stu Hanna, The Young'uns are in perfect hands and set to take the UK folk scene by storm with this release of their fourth album.

The Young’uns – When Our Grandfather’s Said No

(Produced by Stu Hanna)

Navigator Records

Distributed in the UK by Proper Music Distribution

September 10th 2012

After bursting onto the folk scene 3 years ago, The Young’uns have fast become one of the most popular, entertaining and sought after live acts today. Hailing from the north east, the Hartlepool trio ooze  bags of charm, talent, and an abiding enthusiasm for traditional song. Sean Cooney, David Eagle and Michael Hughes bring freshness and dynamism to their arrangements of close harmony songs, both with and without accompaniment. Everything from traditional sea and working songs to more recent compositions is present in their repertoire, and is delivered with originality and flair. They are effortlessly entertaining, with an irreverent sense of humour that engages every audience they have ever performed for.

“When Our Grandfathers Said No” is their fourth album – and expected to launch them well and truly onto centre stage of the UK folk scene – under the watchful eye of  producer, Stu Hanna (Megson) – the  guys serve up an irresistible plate of traditional song and close harmony singing – backed on occasions by guitar, piano and accordion.

In  2012, they joined top names such as Bellowhead, Bella Hardy and Lau and signed for Navigator Records in London, and have just returned from, what could only be described as “triumphant” performance at this year’s Cambridge Folk Festival – “buzz” bands – do by their nature – attract an audience – The Young’uns were “buzzing” this weekend – and will continue to as their brand new album reaches parts and people that others have not as yet, done – as well as their substantial existing loyal fan base, as they continue to tirelessly tour – leaving NO ONE disappointed along the way.

Michael Hughes is a secondary school teacher. He and Sean grew up together and first started singing at The Stockton Folk Club. He found the experience of communal singing utterly inspiring, and still loves nothing more than a pub / festival sing-around with everyone joining in. Michael plays guitar in The Young’uns.

Sean Cooney – when not performing with The Young’uns – is a community artist, who has managed a number of projects with various local schools in Hartlepool. A history graduate, his projects focus on the heritage of the region, incorporating its stories, legends and historical events, many of which inspire his songs. His songs have received an abundance of praise.

David Eagle is a freelance producer, writer, presenter and voice-over artist. Introduced to Sean and Michael by a mutual friend they were quick to recognise their collective passion for harmony singing. David produced The Young’uns first two albums and plays keyboards and piano accordion.

“When Our Grandfathers Said No” is released on Navigator Records in the UK on
10 September 2012.

LIVE Dates

11th/12th August Dartmoor Folk Festival
19th August Hitchin Folk Club
24-26th August Dinslaken Festival, Germany
1st September Sedgefield Folk Festival
2nd September Fylde Folk Festival
8th September Private Party, Northampton
22nd September The Globe Inn, Glossop - Workshop at 4pm & Concert at 8pm
29th September The Sage, Gateshead
21st October Trafalgar Dinner - Private
26th October Crystal Folk Club
27th October Abingdon Guildhall
28th October The Ring O Bells, Warrington
2nd November Guildford Music Institute
3rd November The Louisiana, Bristol
15th December Newhampton Folk Club

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